Missile Wars PE Map for MCPE

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For 1.0.6
Author: KobeYashi / ProGamer5802 Author twitter:
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Missile Wars PE is an amazingly fun multiplayer minigame. The objective is to launch missiles are the competing team’s base to ultimately try to destroy their portal shield and win the game. Most things in the map are powered by command blocks and that includes everything from spawning fully functional missiles to setting up protective walls. It’s definitely one of the best maps I’ve played in Minecraft PE so far.

How to play?

This map requires at least two players, but the more the better. Split up in two teams (Gold vs Chain) and enter the game by stepping on the pressure plates.

You might want to explore the lobby area first before doing any of the above as there you can configure the game settings as well as learn more things about the map features.

Wait for all players to join the game lobby before pulling the levers. As soon as the levers are pulled then some pressure plates will appear. Step on the plates to be teleported to the game area.

The main objective is to break through the other team’s glass (by spawning missiles) and ultimately destroy their portal shield.

This is done by obtaining spawn eggs which can be used for spawning missiles and other structures to either attack the enemy or to protect your own glass box.

It’s really amazing to see what can be done with commands blocks and redstone. It’s like an entire new game, but in Minecraft!

In this case I spawned a Bunker Buster missile. To spawn it I simply used the spawn egg as seen down below. It will automatically start moving once it has spawned.

Once the missile reaches the other team’s base it will cause an explosion. However, you (and the other team) can set up protective walls (using a throwable item) to protect the base from attacks.

You can find much more detailed information about each item in the lobby.


  • Added redstone maintenance room for fixing redstone errors, can be seen on each glass box
  • Fixed configuration room, edited the way for receiving effects, press button in waiting area for effects you’ve enabled
  • Added Falcon missile
  • Fixed some typos
  • Added a cute rocket/missile icon in the title in the game area