Mining Easy Mod for MCPE

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Mining Easy makes it extremely easy to find diamonds, gold, iron or any other ore which you might need and all of this within seconds of spawning. As you walk around a text will change depending on which ores are found underneath. It’s almost too easy to be true and in a way cheating. But why spend hours looking for diamonds when you can find them in seconds?

How to find precious ores like diamond?

A text message with information about ores found directly under you will be displayed in the center of the screen. It took quite a bit of walking before I finally had found some diamonds. Just dig down where you are standing and you will soon find the detected ores, which in this case was diamond.


You don’t necessarily have to dig your way to get there. You could alternatively use X-Commands to teleport (/teleport ) to get there. But don’t do this in survival as then there’s a chance you will suffocate as you might spawn inside a bunch of stone blocks.

Important: This mod requires the latest BlockLauncher beta to work on 0.15+!

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