Minigames Central Map for MCPE

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For 1.0.4
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The Minigames Central map is a great map to play together with friends as it features 7 different minigames. There is a great variety of games which ensure that there’s something for everyone. You can expect at least one hour worth of gameplay in this map.

How to play?

The spawn is in a flat world where you will find a bunch of different minigames. All of them can be played together with friends of by yourself. Let’s have a look at some of the different games included in the map.

Archery: How many minecarts can you hit?

Droppers: Avoid the obstacles and try to land safely in the water.

Wolf Run: Escape the wolves!

TNT Run: Can you run quicker than TNTs explode?

The Siege: Take back the diamond blocks and kill the space pirates.

There are more minigames included in the map (such as PvP, a maze and a find the button minigame) but those I’ll let you explore by yourself in-game!