Minecraft Trivia 2 Map for MCPE

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For 1.0.5
Author: TheVitzzz Author twitter:
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Test your Minecraft knowledge by answering a great variety of questions. Giving the wrong answer will result in a horrible death so you better be careful when deciding on an answer. Most of the answers are random tidbits of knowledge which only a true Minecraft veteran would remember.

How to play?

Begin by reading the rules in-game and make sure that you’re playing in the right gamemode and the correct difficulty. Then enter through the iron door and start answering the questions by pressing buttons.

I could have showcased more rooms but since this is a fairly short map I don’t wanna spoil too much!


  • Play in survival mode
  • Stay in-game, don’t make searches on the internet!
  • Don’t break blocks
  • Difficulty: Easy