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Mine York City Map is one of the oldest and most grand cities created for Minecraft Pocket Edition. The design of the city is inspired by New York City. It has a lot of buildings including everything from the JFK Airport to skyscrapers like the Empire State Building and old fashioned factory buildings.
A highway connects the city to other locations such as the Three Craft Amusement Park and also locations where other larger cities will emerge in the future. Similar to New York, Mine York has five boroughs (or districs) called Minehattan, Blocker, Nether Island, Lapis Island and Ender Island.


Mine York City is a New York map for Minecraft – Pocket Edition. Whether this is the survival/creative/adventure edition, I am positive you will be satisfied.
There are five islands in the city, each with its own personality. They are:
The Brooklyn equivalent of Mine York City. This island consists of low-rises and apartments. Highways 2,3,4, and 5 run and intersect here. The JFM International Airport sits at the southwest side of the island. The airport, which handles over 3,000 flights a day, is the largest airport in the Mine York Metropolitan Area. The CaptainSparklez Bridge and the Joepassgaming Bridge provide access to Minehatten, as well as the M.Y Subway and the Notch’s Tunnel. The Tommaso Bridge in Joepass Island provides access to Notch City.

The business sector. This is where many of M.Y.C’s landmarks are – The Minecraft State Building, made out of Black Wool, the M.Y.C Mall, home to many of the city’s shops, and the International Crafting Center, a complex of 5 glass skyscrapers, with Tower 1 rising to the tallest building in M.Y.C, with the Minecraft State Building across the street coming in close second. Highway 1, or the Joepass Highway, circles the island’s perimeter, provides access to Mine York State via the JackFrost Bridge, and is also the city’s busiest highway. The CaptainSparklez Bridge and the Joepassgaming Bridge provide access to Blocker, as well as the M.Y Subway and Notch’s Tunnel (Which leads to JFM International Airport). The Minehatten Bridge Provides access to Ender Island, as well as the M.Y Subway. The Lapiz Tunnel provides access to Lapiz Island, as well as the M.Y Subway. The Shnun Bridge provides access to Nether Island, as well as Expressway 1 and the M.Y Subway.

The crime ridden island. In this island, tall skyscrapers rise into the air in Downtown Nether Island. The rest of the buildings are low-rise buildings. In Nether Heights, the district in the western part of Nether Island, crime is very apparent, with a annual homicide rate of 326 people a year. The MYPD (Mine York City Police Department) patrols here very often. Shnun Bridge provides access to Minehatten, as well as the M.Y Subway and Expressway 1. The JackFrostMiner Bridge provides access to Lapiz Island, as well as the M.Y Subway.
The MY Ghasts plays here.

Lapiz Island is the most rural area. Not much goes on here. Lapiz Island is the smallest borough in M.Y.C. The island contains the SkydoesMinecraft Park/forest, apartments, small houses, and large houses. A zoo is located here, although no mobs are there (because they despawn). The Fence Gate Bridge provides access to Ender Island. The Lapiz Tunnel provides access to Minehatten, as well as the M.Y Subway. The AcecraftBridge provides access to Nether Island.

Ender Island is the suburban area of the city. With small, expensive houses, a PVP arena, the finest bank in the city, and Joepass Park, the largest park in M.Y.C. This borough is complete bliss. The Fence Gate Bridge provides access to Lapiz Island. The Minehatten Bridge provides access to Minehatten, as well as the M.Y Subway.

The city is filled with many different exciting sights to see, modeled after the real life city of New York, New York. Most of the sights are in Minehatten, but some are still in the surrounding islands.
Some include the:
Finished in 1933 and stands as the second tallest building in the city present day. It has the second tallest observation deck in the city and was the tallest building in the world from 1933 to 1973, when the nearby 1 ICC took it’s title. Tickets can be on sale at http://minecraftbuilding.gov and are sold at the lobby of the building for 20 MSD (Minecraft State Dollar).
Modeled after Empire State Building.

When the original ICC was completed in 1973, everyone was amazed on the things mankind could do. Standing at 64 blocks high, the original ICC was the tallest buildingsin the world. It was a complex of two twin towers with lower buildings surrounding it. It has been the focus of one terrorist attack and warfare attack: in 1993, a bomb exploded in the underground mall which was meant to topple one tower into the other. 6 people were killed. When the Minecraft Civil War erupted with the Griefers against the Legits, the buildings were attacked again with over 200 blocks of TNT placed inside; this effectively destroyed the buildings and the surrounding structures: 1,342 people were killed. In August 2005, reconstruction started and completed in March 2013, making it the longest time for a project. 1 ICC, the leading building, is back as the tallest building in the entire Republic of Minecraft and cost 1.44 Billion MSD alone. The total cost was 7.98 Billion MSD.
Modeled after World Trade Center.

Center Park is a small park the size of a city block in the heart of Midtown Minehatten. It is here that the founders of M.Y.C planned the layout of the city’s streets back in 1798, 100 years before all the boroughs formed to make present-day Mine York City. Center Park is portrayed in many films and literature, and popular culture. Based off Central Park.
Shopping in MYC can be a wonderful experience. Visit the two malls in Minehatten, the Mall at the ICC and MYC Mall, in Upper Minehatten. Or, venture to Blockway to view upscale shops, such as Tiffany & Co, Rolex, Rucci, Mnd more.
The Mall at the ICC is based off of Westfield World Trade Center, and the shops on Blockway are based off of the shops on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.

This tower is the definition of luxury. With gorgeous views of Notch City, and apartments suitable for every little Minecrafter, this building has it all. Come back home from the office to your large family and a wife who needs that new handbag from Gucci a few floors below. Life the American

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