Mine Wizard Addon for MCPE

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This addon adds wizards to the game who serve as guards for villages all around Minecraft. They are very powerful as they can throw explosive charges and poisonous potion flasks at their enemies as well as heal themselves if things go sour. To see how powerful they are I outnumbered a poor wizard with lots of zombies but the wizard totally destroyed them.

How does it work?

Wizards replace witches and spawn naturally in villages. They are neutral and this means that they only attack if they are first being assaulted first. You can transform a normal villager into a wizard by giving a nether star.

The wizards act as guards and will protect the village against all evils both day and night. They will both throw potion flasks and shoot fire charges at their enemies. Their health exceed most monsters and this makes them very powerful.

If a wizard is killed by a zombie then it will turn into an undead wizard which is hostile towards players but just as powerful as the normal wizard.


  • Skeletons have been replaced by minions which is a new type of mob
  • Wither skeletons turn into minions if killed by wizards or players
  • Wither skeletons wear wizard hats
  • Bows (wand) shoot lightning bolts
  • Chainmails have been retextured to look like cloaks/robes
  • Bug fixes: villagers can’t turn into wizards, fixed UUIDs


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