Mine-Snakes Addon for MCPE

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The Mine-Snakes Add-on adds a ferocious little monster to the game more commonly known as a snake. As soon as you hit one it will immediately start crawling towards you and try to bite you. But you can also tame snakes. That way they aren’t all that terrible since you can let them become your own personal killers.

How does it work?

Snakes replace the silverfish and currently there are three different skin packs you can use. For this example I decided to use the green skin pack. They usually spawn in caves or anywhere else that there are stones but you can also use the snake spawn egg to get one in any type of terrain.

Don’t make the mistake of accidentally hit one as then all of the nearby snakes will gang up and try to bite you with their poisonous fangs. They are fairly weak though so if you’ve got a weapon you can probably kill them off quite easily.

You can tame snakes by feeding them bones. A tamed snake will follow you around and attack anything that you are attacking.

Their main and only attack is the poisonous bite which causes a slow and painful death for the enemy.

General Snake Features

  • Replaces silverfish
  • Health: 5 hearts
  • Neutral
  • Poisonous bites
  • Tameable with bones
  • Follows and protects owner
  • Leashable
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