Mine-Gifts Addon for MCPE

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This addon adds Christmas gifts and Santa Claus to the game. You can either open a gift to retrieve a random Christmas gift (such as diamonds) or if you wanna go the crazy route then you can set them on fire with a torch to make them explode. The Mine-Gifts addon also adds a couple of decorations which you can use to add some Christmas spirit to your world.

How does it work?

The witch is replaced by Santa Claus. Santa is a neutral mob which will stay friendly as long you are friendly to him. But if you ever hit him he will go mad and try to kill you.

If you kill Santa then he will drop some creeper spawn eggs which can be used for spawning the Christmas gifts.

You can either use the creeper spawn eggs to spawn the presents or find them as they spawn naturally in-game. If you kill a present it will drop some random items such as iron ingots, diamonds or other valuables.

You can ignite gifts by using a torch and it will cause a minor explosion.

Creeper heads are replaced by presents and can be used for decorating your creations. Do you have a Christmas tree yet? If that’s the case then use the a star (cobweb) to decorate it!