Mine Car Addon for MCPE

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The Mine-Car Add-on replaces five mobs in-game with five brand new cars. The vehicles are quite fast and offer a great opportunity to more easily move around in Minecraft. The vehicles are very efficient as they require no fuel and can be driven in almost any kind of terrain. In that sense, it’s a car of the future.

How to drive a car?

First off you need to find a car. The easiest way is probably to spawn one in creative mode. There are five different cars and each of them replaces a mob in-game:

  • Red Car = Stray
  • Blue Car = Wither Skeleton
  • Green Car = Skeleton
  • Orange Car = Zombie Pigman
  • Yellow Car = Husk

Use a mob spawn egg to spawn the cars. In this case, I decided to go with the red car. There should be no difference in terms of speed no matter which you pick. Perhaps that is something the creator could add in the future.


Tap on the car (or right-click if you are on Windows 10) to enter the vehicle. To start the vehicle you will need a key (or rather a carrot on a stick). Then just turn in the direction which you want to go.


But be careful! You don’t wanna hit anyone with your car, right? It’s a great way to get around in the Minecraft world and like a modern alternative to riding horses.


Down below you’ll find two download links to two different test maps. They are great maps to use for trying out the addon!


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