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The Meteors Mod adds 9 different types of meteors which can fall from the sky. They can be enabled and disabled by the use of a simple text command. It surely adds some excitement to the gameplay as you never know what will be coming down from the sky. But at the same time they are incredibly dangerous and should only be used in worlds which you are not neccessarily very careful about as they can cause some serious damage.


How does it work?

Type the following text command to activate falling meteors: /met start

From now on meteors will start falling at random. The broadcasting news is also automatically turned on and it will report on any meteor related news in your area.

In this case it looks like a monster meteor hit the earth. It causes a massive bang and lots of lava is continuously pouring out of the meteor. The good thing though is that it carries a lot of valuable metals such as gold, emeralds and lapis lazuli.


To turn off the broadcoasting and falling meteors use the following text command: /met end

To instantly create a meteor somewhere in the nearby perimeter of where you are currently positioned use the following text command: /met create.

What type of meteors exist?

There are 9 different meteors which can generate at random in your world if you have them enabled (/met start). But you can also use the meteor spawner items to spawn them yourself.

Let’s have a look at each of the meteors and see what each of them cause.

Normal Meteor

The normal meteor is the one meteor which is the most likely to impact earth. It exists in two sizes, small and medium, and it usually contains pouring lava, coal and iron ores.


Snow Meteor

The snow meteor is probably the least harmful meteor as it is very small in size and hold only some packed snow and ice.


Fire Meteor

The fire meteor is slightly more existing than a normal meteor as it carries gold, coal, iron and lots of lava.


Monster Meteor

The monster meteor is one of the most deadly ones. It is huge and carries all ores you can imagine and of course lots of lava.


Glowstone Meteor

It is one of the more rare meteors and ranges from small to medium sizes. It carries only glowstone.


Nether Meteor

The Nether meteor carries mostly everything you would find in the Nether: quartz, soul sand, netherrack and lava. It is sure a lot easier than having to go to the Nether yourself.


End Meteor

The End meteor carries a lot of obsidian and end stone. It is really not as dangerous as the other meteors as it doesn’t carry any lava.


Man Made Meteor

This meteor includes some trash which some alien species have sent out to space. It is a very rare meteor.


King Meteor

Beware, this is the largest meteor to be found. It is incredibly huge and can take some time to fully render. It carries a lot of ores some including diamond, gold and iron. But many other blocks are included such as obsidian and end stones.



The popper spawner is probably one of the more fun spawners to use as it will cause small stones to impact earth. Sure, the explosions aren’t as grand as for the meteors but it is lag free and a fun item to play with. These can also spawn at random if random meteor spawning is activated.



Fire Popper

This one is similar to the normal popper except that it will set the ground on fire instead of causing explosions.


All Commands

  • /met start – enables random meteor spawning and turns meteor broadcasting on
  • /met end – disables the above things
  • /met spawn – toggles random meteor spawning
  • /met broadcast – toggles the meteor broadcasting
  • /met create – generates a random meteor somewhere in your area
  • /met storm – starts a popper storm (fire & explosions)

Item IDs

  • Meteor Spawner (640)
  • Snow Meteor Spawner (641)
  • Fire Meteor Spawner (642)
  • Monster Meteor Spawner (643)
  • Glowstone Meteor Spawner (644)
  • Nether Meteor Spawner (645)
  • End Meteor Spawner (646)
  • Man Made Meteor Spawner (647)
  • King Meteor Spawner (648)
  • Popper (649)
  • Fire Popper (650)
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