Mega Mech Addon for MCPE

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This addon adds a ginormous mechanical robot which can be controlled by a player. It’s inspired by Pacific Rim which is a science fiction movie set in the future where human-controlled robots go to war against alien-like sea creatures. The robot is really cool as it can both be controlled by a player but also fight by its own against hostile monsters in Minecraft.

How does it work?

Mega Mech is a huge robot which can be controlled by a player. It replaces the iron golem and this means that to spawn it you will need four iron blocks and a pumpkin. Place the blocks as seen in the screenshot down below.

The Mega Mech spawns as soon you place the pumpkin on the top center iron block of the structure. It is much bigger than most mobs in Minecraft and it’s also incredibly powerful.


  • Health: 500 full hearts
  • Storage for 27 slots
  • 20 – 30 melee attack
  • Fireballs long range attack
  • Knockback resistance
  • Immune to fire

You can mount the robot and control it by the use of a stick controller (carrot on a stick).

  • iOS / Android: Press down your finger on the robot and press the “Mount” button to ride it.
  • Windows 10: Right-click the robot

It will only enable attack mode when you aren’t controlling it with the stick controller. If it sees enemies far away it will shoot batches of 8 large fire charges which causes both some attack damage and fire.

If mobs get too close to the robot it will hit them with its arms and cause anywhere between 20 – 30 attack damage per hit.

You can use it as a storage container as well as it has more than 27 slots available to use for storage.



  • Fight the wither!
  • Fight the ender dragon (if you are on version 1.0)


  • 3 new colors
  • Fixed UUIDs
  • Improved behaviors
  • No longer gets stuck when trying to climb one block
  • Improved shooter