Mech Suit Addon for MCPE

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This is an addon which adds a robotic mech suit to the game. You can ride the mech suit, control it and even make it fight for you. It works extremely well and is really a must-have addon for anyone who want a more modern way of doing warfare in Minecraft.

Build a Mech Suit

To spawn the mech suit you will need four iron blocks and one pumpkin. Place the pumpkin on the center top of the structure as seen in the image down below.

It is the iron golem which is replaced by the mech suit. It’s useful for everything from fighting mobs to getting you somewhere quickly.

Riding Controls

By riding it you will be much more powerful than most mobs in Minecraft as it has some amazing abilities.

  • iOS / Android: Press down your finger on the screen and hold your finger on the mech suit and a Ride button will appear.
  • Windows 10: Right-click on the mech suit to ride it.

You can control it with a joystick (carrot on a stick).

To make it run faster you need to use the joystick: iOS/Android: tap with the item on the ground, Windows 10: right-click.


The mech suit automatically detects mobs in its surroundings and attack them (attack damage: 10 – 21 per hit). This type of attack mode is enabled once the joystick (carrot on a stick) no longer is in your active slot. Sometimes this features glitches but just reenter the vehicle and it will work fine again.

It only attacks friendly, neutral and hostile mobs. Players will never be attacked.

Other Functionalities

The mech suit has an inventory of 27 available slots which all can be used for storing blocks and items. To access the inventory do either of the following:

  • iOS / Android: Sneak, press your finger on the screen and hold it over the mech suit. Then press Open to open the inventory.
  • Windows 10: Sneak and right-click the mech suit

You can automatically move blocks and items to chests which are contained by the mech suit.

Begin by connecting a hopper to a chest. Then walk on top of the hopper to automatically start transferring the items contained by the mech suit to the connected chest.

You can also use this feature for droppers!

If it is hurt you can heal it by feeding it iron ingots.

Use an anvil to create a named name tag. Then use the name tag on the mech suit to give it a name.

You can put it on a leash and tie it to a fence post.

The diamond armor has also been retextured as you can see in the images above!

General Information

  • Health: 100 full hearts (default iron golem: 50 full hearts)
  • Attack damage: 10 – 21
  • Control with a carrot on a stick
  • Fights any nearby mobs if it’s seated by a player and he/she is not holding a carrot on a stick
  • Replaces the iron golem


  • More health
  • More attack damage
  • Nameable
  • Heal with iron ingots if hurt
  • Drops more iron when killed
  • Moves faster
  • New textures:
    • Carrot on a stick retextured to a joystick
    • Mech armor suit
    • Diamond armor
    • Iron block
  • Leashable
  • Inventory
  • Transfer items from mech suit inventory to chests using hoppers and droppers