MagicalStaffs Addon for MCPE

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This is an addon which replaces six of the items in Minecraft with magical staffs. Basically they are items which can be used as weapons against other mobs and players and cause a number of different effects. If you ever wished there was more magical elements to Minecraft then give this addon a try!

What kind of staffs are there?

Fire Staff (Egg): By using this staff you can turn the surrounding environment into hell and cause massive destruction. It will cause both a great explosion and lots of fire.

Staff of Teleportation (Ender Pearl): Use this item to teleport to a random location. It has a cooldown period of 1 second before it can be used again.

Golden Staff (snowball): This staff is the least exciting one. It just causes some attack damage (3).

Staff of Death (Fishing Rod): Use this staff to cast a deadly spell on the ground. It will linger for several seconds and cause harm to any mob or player which walks there.

Staff of Levitation (Bow): This staff can be used to cause other mobs to levitate. Just aim and shoot!

Fire Wand (Bottle o’ Enchanting): This wand is similar to the fire wand except that it acts on a much lesser scale.