Magic Wand Addon for MCPE

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This is a really cool addon which replaces the bow with a powerful skull wand. You can use the wand to shoot lightning strikes at enemies. And since lightning causes fire you can set mostly anything on fire. Add some magic to Minecraft and give it a try!

How does it work?

The magic wand replaces the bow and requires magic bullets (arrows) before you can use it. There’s a skull on the top end of the wand which makes it look pretty badass.

To use the wand simply use it the same way as if you were to use a bow and arrow. The effect is quite astonishing. It fires lightning strikes wherever it hits.

You can literally set forts on fire by the use of this weapon. But remember, it won’t work as good on stone structures.

You can also of course use it to attack mobs. (Fun fact: If a pig is hit by a lightning strike then it turns into a zombie pigman.)

Important note: Since it replaces the bow and arrows also skeletons will have access to this wand! Watch out!