Ludodactylus Addon for MCPE

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The Ludodactylus is a two-winged flying reptile which lived during the same period as the dinosaurs. It replaces the bat. Even though it looks ferocious it’s a non-hostile mob which will never do you any harm. You can feed it with any type of fish and even ride it but you can’t control it though. This addon is great if you want to turn your Minecraft world into something like Jurassic Park.

How does it work?

The Ludodactylus is a passive mob which can be found spawning in and around caves (because they replace bats). You can find everything from large to small ones as they go through a growth process of five stages.

If you do find one you can keep them as a pet by putting a leash around its neck. You can then tie it to a fence post to keep it at one place.

They cannot be tamed but you can feed them with some fish to make them grow large quicker.


  • Stage 1: 4 hearts
  • Stage 2: 7.5 hearts
  • Stage 3: 10 hearts
  • Stage 4: 15 hearts
  • Stage 5: 20 hearts

Feeling brave? Try to ride one! You can’t control it though.

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