Lucky Block Race Map for MCPE

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This map is the perfect minigame for up to three players. It includes lucky blocks which will spawn everything from enchanted swords to ignited TNTs and raging creepers. Find your way through the racing track and then compete in a duel against the other players in the fighting arena.

How to play?

Before starting begin by setting the game’s difficulty to max. It’s recommended to play the map together with at least one friend (preferably two). Take an iron pickaxe from the chest and then line up in front of the racing tracks (one track per player) and then do a countdown from 10.

The redstone block acts as a lucky block. You must destroy it before moving further down the track and deal with whatever surprise comes next. Sometimes you’ll get weapons and other times a random mob might spawn.

When you reach the end of the track you will come to a fighting area. You are only allowed to fight other players once they have reached into this area (behind the redstone torches).

The last man or woman standing will be the winner. To play the map again you will need to reinstall it.