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This addon adds a new animal to the game called a llama. It’s a quite fun animal with a unique set of behaviors. They are probably most known for their spitting and that they will do in Minecraft as well. For example, they’ll spit at wolves and creepers but also players who treat them badly. But the best features are that you can ride them also make them carry your items!

How does it work?

Llamas are a neutral mob which replace pigs in Minecraft. A llama has 11 health points (which is one more point than a pig) and drops 0-2 leathers when killed.

They are hostile to wolves and creepers who they will spit at if they see them.

A llama will never tolerate being hit. If you hit it you’ll be spit violently at you.

You can breed two llamas by feeding them each some wheat.  A few seconds after they’ve made love a baby llama (also known as a cria) will spawn.

Place a carpet on the back of a llama to be able to ride them. Then hold a carrot on a stick in your hand to control the direction.

A saddled llama can carry your items (27 available slots). iOS / Android: Sneak, long-tap on the llama and press Open to access the inventory. Windows 10: Sit on the lama and press ‘E’ to open the inventory.

Keep one as your pet by putting a leash around it’s neck and have it follow you around wherever you go.


  • Fixed UUIDs
  • Inventory size reduced to 5 slots (more realistic)
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