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The Life Mod is the ultimate addition to make the game less empty and more lively. It adds more than 15 different structures and they are always populated by some type of customized villagers. It’s like entering an entire new world as you will be able to find everything from Native American tribes to ancient Egyptian cities. Much fun await!

Exploring a New World

Here’s an ancient Egyptian village populated by villagers. Go visit one of the temples or say hi to the pharaoh. But do behave because there are guards everywhere.

A Native American tribe has set up camp by the river in this mesa biome. A few tepees and a fenced in area for horses. The Native Americans (or indians) are friendly so treat them with respect.

Aztec cities can be found in jungles. They consist of everything from large temples to smaller houses all made out stone. Here you can find all types of funny-looking villagers.

Goblins are small green creatures usually found living in snow forests in small huts. This little hut is shared by at least five goblins.

If you ever find yourself in an ice plains biome be on an extra look out for small ice structures (also known as igloos). That’s when you know you’ve found an inuit village. The villagers sure look cute!

Ohh.. a cave! I wonder what’s down there.. maybe a treasure?

Holy macaroni! A yeti! It doesn’t look friendly.. I better get out of here!

Mining can get lonely. Sure, sometimes you might come across some monsters but it is a much better feeling to discover a dwarven castle. Inside the castle you’ll find several dwarves and some anvils which you can use to repair your tools.

The Zulu people is one of the largest ethnic groups in South Africa. Now it looks like they’ve found their way into Minecraft as well. These villages spawn most commonly in savannah biomes.

Don’t go out on the sea unarmed because you never know who you might come across. For example, here are two viking ships with actual vikings on them.

Some people search for diamonds but others want to do some soul-searching. Find some extreme mountains to climb and search for a tibetan monastery. Maybe one of the monks have the answer to the purpose of Herobrine.

Come across one of the first sedentary villages. Sedentism refers to the practice of living at just one place for a very long time.

Here you will find villagers with very primitive tools such as a wooden spear.

Inns can be found in the plains biome. They are the perfect hideout from monsters during the night.

In the cellar of the inn you will find some levers. Try to figure out how those work in order to access a hidden ladder.

The ladder leads down to an old stronghold of some kind. Here you will find a chest with some really good items.

Install Guide

The Generator Mod is required for causing the structures to generate in-game. It can be uninstalled as soon you’ve generated all structures you want in your world. If you do so then make sure to install the Save Models Mod (unless you’ve already got it installed) to ensure that the game load time is optimized.

Also keep in mind that low-end devices might experience a lag when structures are being generated. This lag won’t crash the game. Just wait a few seconds for everything to load.

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