Last King Standing Map for MCPE 0.13.1

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Last King Standing is a PvP map where each team’s objective is to kill the other team’s king or destroy the castle using the TNT cannons. The only thing dividing the two kingdoms is a river. It’s a good versus evil map where there’s only room for one ruler.
It’s a fun PvP map where one of your teammates will be the king and the rest of you have to act as soldiers and defend the king as well as his castle. On the walls of each castle there are TNT cannons setup which can be used to fire TNT blocks at the opposite castle.


Game Objective

The objective for each team is to destroy the enemy cannons or kill the enemy king. Its design allow 2-8 players to participate and before starting each team should decide on a king. The king must be protected at any cost as well as the cannons

Make up your own map rules. There’s no strict guidelines what’s allowed and what isn’t.


How to use the cannons?

Around the castle is a fortification wall which hold a number of cannons. Some of these cannons can be loaded with TNT blocks which can be fired at the enemy.

  1. At each cannon there is some ladders. Climb down the ladders.
  2. Load a TNT block next to a diamond block (max 1 TNT block per diamond block).
  3. Climb the ladder back up.
  4. Place one TNT block in the cannonball hole.
  5. Press the “Ignite Gunpowder” button.
  6. Press the “Cannonball” button.
  7. FIRE!


Recommended Settings

  • Set render distance so the enemy castle can be seen in the distance
  • Turn off fancy graphics (clouds) if you are lagging
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