KitPVP 4 Auto CleanUp Map for MCPE

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This map has 2 exquisite mini-games for you to play with your friends! In this new map I introduce a new mini-game called “Blood Money“. Heres a brief description of this awesome new game:


Blood Money is a game similar to LBSG Survival Games, but with an interesting twist! You start out with a default kit and 5 gold coins. You need to kill other people to get their coins so you can stock up on money to get your payday! Once you have lots of coins, you can go into the shop and buy perks such as weapon upgrades, armor upgrades, and golden apples! Play on one of the most beautiful arenas ever put together! With lots of animals, flowers, hidden chests, and even structures to explore! Become the most powerful player in the field!


Interact with creative redstone creations to get a full taste of the map!


Blood Money can hold 2+ players, and so can KitPVP!

This is version 1 of KitPVP 4. In this version, Auto-CleanUp is very laggy and some older devices may not be able to sustain that lag. I will be making a version without Auto-CleanUp and another version where you can MAKE your OWN kits! They will be coming soon so please be patient!

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