Jurassic Craft World Update

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For 1.5.0
Author: Daniel Martiez, Gona Author twitter:
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Welcome to Jurassic World! This is an amazing map for Minecraft Pocket Edition which lets you experience the Jurassic World theme park and many of the attractions (also known as dinosaurs) as seen in the movie. It makes use of the incredible Jurassic Craft Add-on which replaces 11 of the vanilla mobs with dinosaurs.


Here are some of the places which you can visit in the map. Keep in mind that there are much more than this to explore though!

How to enter the park?

You will start out at a port. To get to the actual park you need to find a Monorail station and and use one of the jeeps (minecarts) to get there.

This is a huge map and that’s why you should have a look at the map down below to find out how to get to certain places.

Click the image down below to view a large map of the park.

There are 18 different dinosaur types included in the park and to explore it all it will most likely take hours. Here’s a few demonstrative images which show some of the creatures.

The Brachiosaurus is one of the most impressive ones as they are extremely big but luckily there’s a 10,000 volt electric fence separating you and them.

Throughout the park you will find multiple separated fenced areas. Most of the dinosaurs are separated to their species only to avoid deadly altercations.

Aquatic reptiles can also be found in the park but since they wouldn’t survive for long on land they have been placed in huge aquariums. There are long underwater tunnels which passes through the aquariums. You can use these tunnels to more closely examine the reptiles while staying safe behind the strong glass.

The entertainment is everlasting. The T-Rex and the Spinosaurus are some of the bigger dinosaurs which are also the most vicious ones. They can be tamed but that responsibility should be left to the keepers of the park.

The Ludodactylus isn’t actually a dinosaur but it is a reptile which lived during the same time. You can get really close to them (and even ride them if you are crazy enough to break through the glass).

Visitors! Please stay safe! Even though it might be tempting to get a closer view at some of the dinosaurs you have to keep in mind that most dinosaurs look at you as food.

There are lots more to explore in the park but that we will let you do by yourself!