Jungle Relics Map for MCPE

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Jungle Relics Map is a battle arena where you can test your fighting skills and see how many waves of monsters you can survive before ultimately dying. You decide yourself which type of mobs you want to fight and also the time interval between mob spawns. There is no place to hide so make sure to quickly eliminate each target before more monsters come for you.


How to play?

Before starting the minigame there are a couple of things you need to configure based on your skill level. Also, remember to set your difficulty to max before entering the map.

Use the levers to decide which type of mobs you want to spawn. You can use these options to configure the spawning mobs while the game is active.


You can choose between three different timers between mob spawns: 15, 25 and 30. Be careful when choosing this option as this can’t be configured later. If you want to set another timer you have to re-install the map (delete it and then add it).


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