Jukebox Addon for MCPE

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The jukebox is an official block for the PC version of Minecraft. Its main usage is for playing music discs. This addon replaces some things in Minecraft PE with a jukebox and music discs which you can use to play all of the 12 different songs which also exists in the PC version of Minecraft. It works astonishingly good for being an addon and should give you an idea of what we might can expect as an official feature soon (pure speculation on my part)!

How does it work?

The creeper is replaced by the jukebox. This means that they spawn mostly everywhere in the Overworld. However, it’s much easier to use a creeper spawn egg since then you can spawn one wherever you want.

Open the inventory and look for the food items. There you will notice that 12 of the food items have been replaced by music discs.

Long press on the jukebox while holding a music disc to play it. There is no way to stop a song once it has started. Either wait for it to stop or get far away.

Here is a list nice list with a description for each song.

Make sure to check out the video down below to get a better understanding of how it works!


Important: Requires version 1.0.4 beta.