Interstellar Space Skies

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This resource pack makes the night skies in Minecraft something really worth to just stop and look at for a while. Each moon phase has been replaced by everything from an epic supernova to a giant asteroid hovering over Earth. It’s an amazing feeling to look up and be able to see another galaxy just with bare eyes.

How does it work?

The moon in Minecraft goes through eight different moon phases and that’s why the moon looks a little bit different each night. This resource pack replaces each moon phase with a more interesting object or event in the sky.

There are two ways to experience these moon phases. Either you can wait patiently for each night to pass or you can use the following text command to speed it up: /time add (e.g. /time add 3000). Don’t use /time set because then you will reset the time.

Andromeda Galaxy: A neighbouring galaxy to the Milky Way. (We are in the Milky Way and I just assume that you are an earthling who are reading this.)

Ring Nebula: The remnants of a dying star.

Magnetar: A type of neuron star which has an incredibly powerful magnetic field.

Supernova: An explosion of a ginormous star. It can shine with a brightness similar to that of billions of suns.

Star Cluster: Large groups of stars.

Black Hole: Nothing can escape the gravitational effects of a black hole.

Crab Nebula: This is what the remnants of a star which destruction was caused by a supernova looks like.

Asteroid: Rocks floating around in space.

The Sun: A much more realistic version of the sun.