Instant Structure Mod V0.8.6 for MCPE 0.12.3

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Author: wilco375
Compatible with MCPE: 0.12.3

Instant Structure Mod includes 67 structures.

How Instant Structure Mod works

There are two items that you need: the Structure Selector and the Structure Builder. You can get them in one of the following ways:
0.11 an earlier: they should be in the creative menu
0.12: you can type /ism select and /ism build to get the items. Typing this command will overwrite the current selected slot of your hot bar with either the Structure Selector or Builder
You can craft the Structure Selector with 8 iron and 1 diamond and the Structure Builder with 7 iron and 2 diamonds. Or you can use the commands (see above). Note that this will overwrite your currently selected hotbar slot.
Click a block with the Structure Selector, and a GUI pops up, with a list of all the structures.
Select the one you want. After that, click on a block where you want to place that structure with the Structure Builder. It will popup with a warning dialog. If you click Yes, the structure will be placed.
Some structures will be placed in the direction you’re facing, some will just be placed one direction. The warning dialog will let you know what’s the case with that build.


1. Small Reward Tree

2. Tree House

3. Park

4. Cobble Generator

5. Small House

6. Mansion

7. House

8. Big Reward Tree

9. Poor Men’s House

10. Volcano

11. Ruins

12. Black Sports Car

13. Blue Sports Car

14. Grey Sports Car

15. Orange Sports Car

16. White Sports Car

17. Blue Truck

18. Diamond Truck

19. Iron Truck

20. Old Truck

21. Red Truck

22. Big Truck

23. Forklift

24. Jeep

25. Military Truck

26. Navy SEAL Dune Buggy

27. Red Car

28. Fighter Jet

29. Old Plane

30. Old Wooden Plane

31. Parachute Jumper Plane

32. Bean Stalk

33. Well

34. Furnace/Crafting Room

35. Sandstone Temple

36. Birthday Cake

37. Noobs House

38. Swamp

39. A110 Warthog

40. City Tank

41. Military Hauler

42. Parachute Jumper Helicopter

43. Passenger Plane

44. Red Bus

45. Scout Helicopter

46. X18

47. Big Military Tank

48. Cake

49. Chicken

50. Creeper Head Statue

51. House

52. Big Mushroom

53. PvP Arena

54. Mysterious Merchant House

55. Six Barreled Tank

56. Blackbird

57. Submersible

58. Swing Wing Plane

59. Tank With Two Guns

60. Gray Humvee

61. Helicopter

62. Humvee

63. Humvee With Machine Gun

64. Humvee With Trailer

65. Military Personnel Carrier

66. Small Military Hauler

67. Tour Bus

68. B17

69. JAS 39 Gripen

70. Dog

71. Pinguin

72. Rabbit


Download Instant Structure Mod:

For 0.12.3