Imperial Map for MCPE 0.13.1

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Imperial Map is a medieval adventure map with a good consistent story all the way through the map. It’s an epic adventure with loads of things to experience as there are many side quests to be completed and loads of areas to be explored (including towns, mines, castles and more). Even if this isn’t supposed to be an open-world map it does feel like it as all creations are well suited with the environment they are built in.
If you are into RPG, exploration and adventures then this map will deliver on all those aspects and much more. There is more than one hour worth of gameplay (obviously depending how thoroughly you explore the map) so go ahead and download it!

Here are some of the areas you will explore in the map. There are loads more though but we decided to keep those for you to explore!






Rules of Imperial Map

  • Signs with yellow texts are side quests
  • Don’t break/create blocks unless told to do so
  • Turn off difficulty until told otherwise
  • Set render distance to max
  • Always stick to the main path of the map
  • Mob spawners should always be destroyed
  • Keys can be placed
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