Igloo Village Map for MCPE

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For 0.16.0
Author: Mexic4nG4merYT Author twitter:
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This map was created as a concept for the idea to add a new type of snow village consisting of igloos and ice temples to Minecraft Pocket Edition. It’s by no means an official feature but it’s nonetheless a really good idea, especially if there was some inuit people inhabiting the village. Not only is it a cool idea but it’s also a great map which can be used for your next survival adventure.

Here’s is one of the igloos in the village. It’s a fairly small building with no door, but that’s something you could easily add in case you want to stay protected against evil monsters during the night.

On one if the hills you will find an ice temple. Its design is very similar to a desert temple except that it is built using ice blocks.

Get this skin and cozy up inside an igloo.

In one of the mountains you will find an opening to a cave which you can use as your home. It’s not very big but it does have a bed and no monsters should be able to get there.

Here’s an overview of the village during the night.