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To get Fast Teleport Mod for MCPE 0.14.x, you must download at iCraft app.
Get it by search “iCraftMods” on Google Play.

OR after click on button “Install” below you can find .modpkg file in Download folder of your phone. Install mod by open Blocklaucher and import file .modpkg as script.

What does an old train, a lucky block and a hamster cage have in common? Absolutely nothing. The idea of IdeaCraft is to add anything which is unusual but can in some way be beneficial for the gameplay. There are lots of fun items to explore besides the ones mentioned and some of them are even quite useful. The gravity gun and jet pack are two such examples.

How to get the items?

All of the blocks can be easily obtained in-game by using the following text command: /giveidea

If you rather use crafting recipes then we’ve listed all of them further down on this page.

Some of the items act as furniture (e.g. the old train and the 3D bookshelf). Use the Remove Block (ID: 602) to remove it and Rotate Block (ID: 601) to rotate it.

Gravity Gun (ID: 603): The gravity gun can be used on mobs only. Tap once on a mob to pick it up and then tap on it again to release it from your hold.

Hamster Cage (ID: 604): It’s similar to a furniture. Place it down and use it for decorating your house. There is really no other use for it right now.

Jet Pack (ID: 607): Boosts you straight up into the air. Change your active slot to something else to disable it.

Water Bottle (ID: 608): Heals 3 HP.

3D Bookshelf (ID: 609): A furniture which can be used for decorating your home.

Lucky Block (ID: 610): Prepare yourself for madness. Sometimes you are lucky and you get some nice shining armor but your next try might prove more deadly.

Time Freeze (ID: 612), Time Unfreeze (614): Tap on the ground to freeze all nearby mobs. It sure makes killing easy!

Old Train (ID: 613): Spawns an old train. There’s really not much use for it but it looks kind of cool.

Computer (ID: 616): A basic computer which can be used for doing internet searches on Google.

Treasure (ID: 617): The treasure chest is just a furniture. It can’t be opened or destroyed for treasures.

Nerf Gun (ID: 611): A quite harmless weapon. It automatically fires loads of empty shells which cause no damage.

Item IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Road Blocks (33, 34) – 1 cyan stained clay + 1 gray stained clay
  • Road Blocks (84, 36) – 1 cyan stained clay + 1 white stained clay
  • Rotate Block (601) – 9 design blueprint
  • Remove Block (602) – 9 design blueprint
  • Gravity Gun (603) – 5 iron ingots + 2 design blueprint + 1 fusion core
  • Hamster Cage (604) – 6 light blue stained clay + 3 design blueprint
  • Design Blueprint (605) – 1 oak planks
  • Fusion Core (606) – 5 diamonds + 4 gold ingots
  • Jet Pack (607) – 5 iron ingots + 2 design blueprint + 1 fusion core
  • Water Bottle (608) – 1 potion
  • 3D Bookshelf (609) – 1 bookshelf + 8 design blueprint
  • Lucky Block (610) – 8 gold ingots + 1 design blueprint
  • Nerf Gun (611)
  • Time Freeze (612) – 6 design blueprint + 2 fusion core + 1 clock
  • Time Unfreeze (614) – 6 design blueprint + 2 fusion core + 1 clock
  • Spawn Old Train (613)
  • WiFi (615)
  • Computer (616)
  • Treasure (617)
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