Hot Feet Map for MCPE

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For 1.0.3
Author: CryingGolem2636 Author twitter:
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Hot Feet is a minigame (very similar to Sand Scrambler) which requires at least two players but preferably more. It’s a very intense and exciting type of gameplay where you always gotta keep moving around. Each player is equipped with a flint & steel which can be used to set the ceiling on fire and make sand fall down and suffocate other players (or yourself if you aren’t careful).

How to play?

Let all of the players who want to participate take a flint & steel item from one of the chests and then enter the first room. Start a countdown from 10 and then start by setting the ceiling on fire by using the flint & steel.

Sand will start falling from the ceiling as soon as a wood block has been destroyed by the fire. The objective is to avoid getting suffocated by the sand and be the last person alive.

You can move onto the next round once the first one has completed. Once all rounds have been played then you can reinstall the map (this is easiest if you use the World Template) in case you want to play it again.


  • Do not use the flint & steel to set anything else on fire than the wood blocks in the ceiling
  • Play on survival mode