Hide n Seek Map for MCPE

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Hide n Seek Map is a hide and seek map that is based off of Stampylongnose’s Pyramid Hide n Seek on his famous “Lovely World”. I wanted to refine the Redstone, and above all wanted to make it in MCPE. So I did both in this map.

Rules of Hide n Seek Map
The rules are simple. The seeker (only one seeker at start) has a certain kind of armor (gold in my map) and a sword with Fire Aspect on it. He has to find the hiders who are wearing a diamond chest plate and a sword with Knockback on it. The seeker have to whack once, not kill, but whack once the hider, subsequently putting the found hider on fire. That indicates to everyone playing the map that that person is now a seeker. The hider changes his armor and becomes a seeker along with the first seeker till they find everyone. IMPORTANT: the hiders can escape and win. When the map starts, the hiders have a door that opens and locks behind them. This door, after around 2 minutes or so will open up again, allowing the hiders to escape the seekers fiery wrath!!!

***If this is a bit confusing, please look up bigbst4t2 who plays Xbox hide and seek that is extremely similar to this concept.***

“I would like to mention that I, the builder of this entire map, am a proud member of a building team that goes by the name: The Diamond Dynamos. The two other members are MC_skyworld and insanegaming, however we are growing!!!” – Author of map: Samo1800 said

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