Helper Addon for MCPE

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This is an addon which adds a new useful mob to the game known as the Helper. The Helper can be sent out on small missions to gather resources such as wood or food. You can also keep him with you on your adventures as he will be following you around and protect your against hostile mobs.

How does it work?

Helpers are dressed as construction workers and can be found in the Nether. But you can also use the wither skeleton spawn egg to get one quickly in the Overworld. You can tame the helper by giving him some gold ingots.

  • iOS / Android: Hold a gold ingot in your hand, long press on the helper and press Tame
  • Windows 10: Hold a gold ingot and right-click the helper to tame him

You can give your helper six different tasks by giving him an item.

  • Sword = Hunt animals
  • Axe = Chop down trees
  • Pickaxe = Mine
  • Hoe = Harvest
  • Shovel = Dig
  • Fishing rod = Fishing

In this case I am going to ask him to go cut down some trees for me. As soon as you do this he will run away and disappear for 1-5 minutes. Do not follow him!

After 1 – 5 minutes he will return. You can then ask him to give you the items.

The items will be dropped on the ground where he stands. Collect them!

A helper is also useful if you want to attack other mobs as he will provide some fighting assistance. He will also defend you against hostile mobs who are attacking you.

The helper will automatically start following you as soon as he has been tamed. If you get annoyed by his presence then you can put him on a leash and tie him to a fence post.

It’s not the most ethical way to treat someone but I don’t think the AI’s in Minecraft have yet reached a level of intelligence where they have feelings so it’s probably OK!

You can also ask them to sit / stand and it works similar to a wolf.