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This is an add-on which aims to make the survival world in Minecraft much more difficult than what it currently is like. For example, as a player you will be an easier pray for predators such as creepers as they have the ability to see farther away (among with a set of other new features). Currently there is just a handful of changes to the game but hopefully this add-on will grow into something more complex soon!


Blazes have almost 10 times more health than before and their attack damage is doubled. It shoots larger fireballs and its speed is slightly faster when attacking. Water is no longer an issue for them as it doesn’t hurt them anymore.

It does have one weakness and that is snowballs. If they get hit by one they will instantly drop dead. Also, every time you throw a snowball there is a chance a snow golem might spawn and help defeat the blazes.

The creeper causes an explosion about three times larger than before. It has slightly more health and has the ability to spot a player from almost twice as far away.

The TNT has a much longer fuse. After it has been ignited it takes one minute before it explodes. The explosion is much greater and it will also cause lots of fire.

Every time you throw a snowball there’s a slight chance that a snow golem will spawn.

Other Features:

  • Zombies are fast
  • Skeletons have machine guns
  • Ghasts and stronger
  • Zombie pigmen are stronger and more dangerous
  • Passive mobs teleport in order to make it more difficult to find food
  • Some chests which spawn naturally in the world have their loot doubled (not all chests yet, work in progress)


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