Hardcore Squid Mode Addon for MCPE

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This addon gives you similar abilities to a squid. You will be able to breathe underwater but as soon you get on land you’ll slowly start “drowning”. This creates a really unique survival challenge as it lets you experience Minecraft as an entire new species!

How does it work?

This mod lets you live the life of a squid. You will only be able to be on land for somewhere around 25 seconds before you start grasping for breathe.

The only place you can breathe forever (or until you die) is underwater. As you can see, there are no breathing bubbles above the hunger bar anymore.

It’s actually more easy to survive underwater as most hostile mobs are bad swimmers. This causes them to always stay close to the water surface.

This addon provides a great survival challenge. If you want to give it a go then make sure to download A Squid’s World further down on this page. It’s a great survival map as it includes a house which have been specifically designed for squids in Minecraft.

All Features

  • Breathe underwater
  • Starvation rate is decreased
  • Water breathing potion acts as a air breathing potion
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