Hang Him Map for MCPE

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This is an adventure map which takes place in the American Old West. After years of working as a bounty hunter you’ve finally decided settle down somewhere else and move on with your life. But as things progress it soon becomes clear that some people are in desperate need of your help and you have to do this one last thing before retirement.

Storyline / Instructions

You’ve lived a long life as a bounty hunter but you are tired of your old life and want to move on and live a better life somewhere else.

This is a town which you will get to after some traveling. As you start talking with the townsfolk it’s clear that’s something’s up and you need to help them do something about it.

You can talk with a villager if there’s a dispenser in front of the villager. Open the dispenser and read the notes from left to right.

The first thing which you want to do is to find Jonathan. If you are having trouble finding him (as I did) then look down at the image down below. Try to find a guy named Hermit somewhere in the area marked in red.


  • Don’t break / place blocks unless told otherwise
  • Turn on difficulty (-|–)
  • Set render distance to 2 (-|—–)
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For 0.16.0
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