Half Heart 2 Map for MCPE

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For 0.16.0
Author: Wheaten, DiamondKing567 Author twitter:
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With just a little bit of health (one half of a heart to be precise) you have to complete a series of five levels which will in some way or another challenge your survival capabilities. As you’ve got just a tiny bit of health remaining you have to be extra careful where you put your foot next.

How to play?

Once you’ve loaded the map you will notice that your health bar is gone. However, you do have some health left: 0.5 hearts. This means that you need to extra careful when completing a series of five levels. If you have played some parkour maps then neither of the following levels should be very difficult.

Type /spawnpoint in the text chat every time you complete a level to save a checkpoint.


  • Play on peaceful unless told otherwise
  • Play on survival mode
  • Set render distance to minimum