Guess Who! Map for MCPE

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Guess Who! is a simple minigame for two players. Each player will pick and block and then try to guess which block the other player has chosen by asking yes or no questions. One game usually takes a few minutes so decide on multiple rounds before beginning.

How to play?

This is a two player map so make sure to get a friend to play it with. There are two separate rooms and in each there’s a chest. Select a block from the chest and make sure to keep picked block secret.

Once you’ve chosen a block place it down on the glowstone block in one of the corners of the room.

The player in the other room should to the same.

Now it’s time to start playing. Take turns asking questions to try to figure out which block your friend got. You are only allowed to ask yes or no questions and once you’ve asked a question and got an answer then you can either take a guess or let your friend continue by asking the next question.

Once someone have guessed the right block then that player has won and you can start over by picking a new block. Make sure to always place it down on the glowstone to make sure no cheating happens.

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