GTRCraft Zombies Map for MCPE 0.13.0

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The GTRCraft: Zombies map is a modded mob arena where it’s you against the dead. You will have to survive round after round, alone or with friends, in hopes that your phone can handle so much action. It’s basically a mini-game map with similar gameplay to Call Of Duty’s Zombies mode. Get rotten flesh, buy gear, survive rounds.

How to play GTRCraft Zombies Map

At spawn tap the mob spawner to select a map, but in this case, there is only 1 map for the moment.


After selecting a map, jump in the lava near spawn to “teleport” to the desired arena.


Once at the arena, set the game difficulty to hard, then type /start in chat to begin the game. This command will make the host have a little “GUI” pop-up showing the current round, zombies left, and time until next round (it counts down only when there are no zombies left). If you need to stop, or want to go back to spawn, type /stop in chat, and jump in the lava to get back.

To buy stuff at the chests and mystery boxes, place the exact amount of rotten flesh (first slot) for one item (will appear in second slot, where iron sword is) at a time. Then re-open the chest to confirm. For the Pack-A-Punch, place the rotten flesh in the first slot, and the item you wish to pack-a-punch in the second slot (iron sword). Re-open the chest, and your pack a punched item will appear in the third slot (where diamond sword is).

To unlock areas with glass blocks, you can place 32 rotten flesh in the chests in the center to unlock that area.



Available Arenas/Maps

Crafthaven’s Dawn

Pretty much a lower quality Town from the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombies. If you ask me it’s a cool place to fight the dead.


Issues & Tips for GTRCraft Zombies Map


  • If you accidentally forget to change the difficulty to hard before typing /start no zombies will spawn. Just set it on hard, then /stop, and /start again.
  • The rain is there in-case you take more than 10 minutes playing, and the sun comes out.
  • Some devices may start to freeze due to the amount of zombies. Beware any rounds higher than 15.
  • If the host accidentally exits the game, he/she can easily load the world again, and the modscript will keep going.
  • If you die, you will “respawn” at the arena spawn. This means you can keep on going, or make it a challenge and only have “one life”. To return to the main spawn, /stop, then jump in lava (yes, lava is magical now).

Multiplayer Issues

  • Only the host (client) should have the modscript installed.
  • Yes, the map & mod are pretty much multiplayer compatible, except for the issues listed here.
  • When another player places rotten flesh in shops/mystery boxes, the host needs to re-open them to confirm. Keep the captain alive!


  • You decide if it’s PvE or PvPvE.
  • You have 30 seconds in between rounds to stock up, or wait.
  • If you wish to use some kind of modded zombie, be my guest!
  • You can use armor dropped by zombies, or buy from shops. Anyway is cool.
  • Pack-A-Punch can only be used with swords and armor. Oh, try to figure out what other item you can Pack-A-Punch.
  • You can only buy ONE ITEM at a time. This means if you are buying something worth 16 rotten flesh, you cannot place 32 and expect to buy two things at once.
  • Remember to re-open chests to confirm the purchase.
  • Video Review/Playthrough? Mention me somehow. :3
  • The other 2 arenas will be done in time. At my schedule, it took about a month to make this playable.
  • Doors are barricades. Use them wisely, or buy more.
  • Before /start, look around the arena to get familiar with the terrain.
  • Unlocking new areas blocked by glass walls cost 32 rotten flesh. Remember this.
  • If anything seems fishy, and it hasn’t been yet reported, report it ASAP.
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