GravityGun Mod for MCPE

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The GravityGun Mod is a mod for Android devices which adds a really cool and useful Gravity Gun to Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. By using this mod you will be able to lift entities with the gun and then shoot them away. It’s definitely a lot of fun which gives you god-like powers! Don’t waste any effort fighting mobs, just throw them away instead!

How does it work?

First off you will need to obtain the Gravity Gun. To do that you will need to type one of the following commands. You can also configure the launch distance and hold distance of the Gravity Gun by using these commands.

  • /GravityGun get – receive the gun to your inventory
  • /GravityGun setPower [x] – sets the launch distance for the gun
  • /GravityGun setDistance [x] – sets the hold distance for the gun

To use the Gravity Gun you will need to tap on the mob which you want to lift. Then tap on it again to launch it. If you want to drop the entity then you can switch the active hotbar slot.

The Gravity Gun works on all types of entities, including ones like boats.


Requires the most recent BlockLauncher version.

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