Grappling Hook Mod for MCPE

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Grappling Hook Mod transforms the use of the fishing pole to something completely different. Instead of fishing it can be used to throw a grappling hook. It’s perfect to quickly get from one building to another in a similar fashion to Spiderman. It’s really fun to use even though it’s a really simple idea!

How to use the grappling hook?

The thing you need to use is the fishing pole. Aim in the direction which you want to go and then press the Fish button to throw the hook.


To release the hook tap on the Fish button again.


According to the Japanese source where I found this script it can be combined with the Giant Zombie Mod. This is totally optionally though.

Aim at the zombie with the fishing pole and then press Fish to throw the hook at the zombie. It really works great if you need to kill it more efficiently. Then just press Fish again to release the hook.



Demo Video

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