Gamemode4 Mod for MCPE 0.12.3

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Author: AccidentalGames
Compatible with MCPE: 0.12.3

Welcome to Gamemode4, the official port of a popular pc command blocks creation collection made by AccidentalGames.
A while ago ive decide to port these project, but unfortunately in mcpe there are no command blocks so instead me and a group of other people designed simple scripts to add the same features in the pocket edition world.
Desire Lines
This module will cause natural looking paths to slowly appear in often-traveled areas of your world.
Grass beneath players’ feet will occasionally be trampled into dirt, leaving a natural looking path that slowly appears over time!

Undead Players
This module adds an interesting feature to the death mechanic in Minecraft.
Upon death, players will spawn an “Undead Player” Zombie, capable of picking up the dropped armour and weapons of the player.
This means those items are less likely to despawn, but you may have to fight to get those items back!

Enderman Support Class
As passive mobs, Enderman aren’t too much of a problem in a world provided you don’t make eye contact.
Want to make them more dangerous?
This module turns Endermen into a support class for other mobs.
Endermen will give special potion effects to mobs within 25 blocks to make those mobs more dangerous until the Enderman is killed or moves away!

Better Slime Blocks
This module just adds cool looking blocks that can be crafted by 9 slimeballs and that allow the player to jump on them.

Sunken Treasure
A module designed to make underwater more interesting, this will allow golden tools to dig up buried goodies from in the sand, some common, some rare!
There’s a variety of items you can find!
Only sand in deep water will uncover treasure

Mob Conversion
This command-block module can be added to any survival MinecraftPe world to add the ability to convert Zombie Pigmen to pigs and cows to Mooshrooms using a method similar to villager curing!
Tap either a cow or a pigmen with a potion of slowness, then use either a golden carrot or anyntype of mushroom to transfor that cow into a mooshroom and that pigman into a pig.

The parachute module allows you to craft a one-time-use leather tunic with a parachute strapped to the back that allows you to float gently to the ground when deployed.
Hold the
For all crafting recipes refer to the Gm4 website.
Hold a parachute in hand and tap the USE button to deploy parachutes.

Bat Granades
Tired of the uselessness of bats?
This tiny module will turn them into tiny furry flying balls of death!
Bats will squeak loudly if you get near them, and vanish in a small explosion if you get too near!

TNT Landmines
This module causes TNT items dropped on the floor to turn into land mines!
Players by stepping on landmine will cause it to explode!
Hold some Tnt blocks then point a block and tap the USE button.

Weighted Armor
Want to play Minecraft with a bit more strategy? Tired of getting a full set of diamond armour and becoming invincible? This module causes each worn armour piece to add to your weight and affecting you with slowness 1 to 3 depending on total weight! A full set of leather armour will allow you to move at normal speed, so choose the best armour for a situation!

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