Gallimimus Addon for MCPE

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Gallimimus is a dinosaur which roamed the Earth millions of years ago. It is most recognizable for its small eyes, thin body build and long tail. This addon turns the zombie pigman into Gallimimus. In-game it will be a passive mob which is naturally afraid of humans and will run away. However, you can still tame and ride them but it will be a little bit harder!


The Gallimimus replaces the zombie pigman. This means that they won’t spawn in the Overworld and my guess is that you probably don’t want to go to the Nether to find one. An alternative to that is to turn on creative mode and use some zombie pigmen spawn eggs.

They are passive and will often times try to shy away from you. The only exception to this is if you attract them with some food: wheat, carrot, potato or beetroot.

Taming works similar to horses, meaning, you have to ride one a few times until it accepts you as its master. You can increase the taming chance by a few percentages by first feeding them any of the following items.

  • Wheat (increased tame chance: 2%)
  • Carrot (increased tame chance: 3%)
  • Potato (increased tame chance 4%)
  • Beetroot (increased tame chance: 5%)

Riding & Control

As soon it is tamed you can mount it and use an iron sword to control it.

Tamed Gallimimus will no longer run away from you but they won’t follow you. However, you can put a leash around its neck and lead it wherever you want it to go. You can also tie it to a fence post if you want to keep it at one specific place while you are gone.


When you have tamed two of them then you can start breeding them. Just feed them some food each, e.g. wheat, and they will soon start to breed and produce baby dinosaurs.

General Information

  • Wild
    • Health
      • Stage 1: 5 hearts
      • Stage 2: 7.5 hearts
      • Stage 3: 10 hearts
      • Stage 4: 12.5 hearts
      • Stage 5: 15 hearts
    • Runs away from the player by default
    • Tameable with the following items
      • Wheat (tame chance: 2%)
      • Carrot (tame chance: 3%)
      • Potato (tame chance 4%)
      • Beetroot (tame chance: 5%)
  • Tamed
    • Health (same as wild ones)
    • Follows the player
    • Feed them wheat, carrots, potatoes, beetroot to heal them
    • Feed two adults some food and they will breed
    • Rideable (control with an iron sword)