Friendly Creepers Addon for MCPE

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Friendly Creepers is a must-have addon for anyone who is tired of getting blasted by creepers. It’s probably the number one mob which have killed me the most times and usually it happens out of nowhere. For example, in one moment I’m mining and in the next moment I have lost all of my stuff. If this happens often to you as well then get this addon!

How does it work?

Creepers now have a happy face and instead of being hostile they are now neutral. This means that the they will only attack if they are being attacked first. But even then they aren’t dangerous as they cannot explode anymore. They will just puff up and just when it looks like it is going to explode it just stops.

Put them one on a leash, have it follow you around or tie it to a fence post.


Do you need help excavating a mine? No problems. Bring a creeper with you to the area and then use flint and steel to ignite the explosion.

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