Friendly Creeper Addon for MCPE

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The Friendly Creeper addon changes the characteristics of the creeper to make it seem more friendly. Its got an entire new design both visually and the way it acts. For example, in some instances it will help you out killing other mobs.

How does it work?

The friendly creeper wears a TNT backpack, a cool bowler hat and a smiling face. It will only attack you (and explode) if you are being hostile, e.g. hitting it. It’s much faster and stronger than an ordinary creeper so be careful.

But as long you are friendly it will be friendly back and even help you out with some hostile mobs.

The friendly creeper hates witches. As soon it sees one it will chase after it and kill it by exploding. It’s a real nasty way of dying but it’s really useful if you find yourself in a struggle.

Another mob which the friendly creeper pays no respect to is the husk. If the husk was smart (which it isn’t) it would run, but in most cases the friendly creeper will quickly kill the husk by exploding.