Food Mob Heads

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This resource pack replaces mob head blocks with food items. It’s a great addition to the game if you want to decorate your worlds with hamburgers and muffins. Is that weird? Maybe a little bit but I am sure you will be able to find better uses for it than the ones I will mention.

How to obtain the food objects?

Four mob heads have been replaced by food items. Neither of the food items can be eaten but it’s great to use as decorative blocks in your worlds.

To obtain a food (or mob) head each respective mob has to be blown up by a charged creeper. That said, it’s probably a lot easier to just use the creative inventory to get them.

  • Popcorn = Skeleton Skull
  • Apple = Wither Skeleton Skull (2.5% drop rate when killing it)
  • Muffin = Zombie Skull
  • Hamburger = Creeper Head

This could be useful if you want to roleplay owning a food truck or a restaurant of some kind.

All of the food items can be worn on your head. Look! It’s Burger Steve!