Flying With Elytra Map for MCPE

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In this map you have to use a pair of elytra wings to fly through a series of obstacles. This is probably the most challenging elytra map out there right now as it requires you to fly both horizontally and sometimes make a huge leap vertically into some tunnel. And the fact that you have to play the majority of the map in darkness (during night) surely doesn’t make things easier. Either way, it’s a really fun map to play!

How to play?

Elytra wings is a new item in 0.17.0 of Minecraft Pocket Edition. You can equip the item in one the chestplate armor slot. Basically they provide you the ability to glide. For example, you can jump down off a mountain, start gliding and then land safely on the ground.

In this map you will be taken through a series of obstacles.

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For 0.17.0
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