Fishing Frenzy Map for MCPE

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ishing Frenzy is a minigame all about fishing. Catch fish, trade the fish for the in-game currency (gold, iron and diamond) and use this money to purchase better gear and unlocking new levels. It’s a really peaceful and fun minigame to play as it doesn’t involve any monsters or fighting.

How to play?

Fishing Frenzy is all about fishing, trading and upgrading your fishing gear and ultimately unlock new fishing ponds. There is one shop and one trading store but before we explore those you need to find the pond and do some fishing.


Trading Store

When you’ve caught some fish you can head to the trading store to trade your fish for currency (or money) which is used for purchasing things in the shop. Here is a list of the currency used (list is ordered by most valuable last):

  • Iron Ingot (white)
  • Gold Ingot
  • Diamond

There are signs explaining exactly what you need to do to trade the fish. Place your fish in the assigned dropper and then press the button to retrieve the money. You will be given an iron ingot, gold ingot or a diamond. It wholly depends on which fish you are trying to trade. Some fishes are rejected because they aren’t worth anything.


Diamonds are the most valuable currency. You can trade 6 gold ingots for one diamond in the trading store. (Actually it took me 7 ingots!)

Press the button 6 times to insert them into the machine. Wait 2-3 seconds between each time you press the button.



As soon as you’ve caught enough fish and traded them in the trading store for money you can head to the shop to purchase some new fishing gear. I’ve collected 4 gold ingots so I will use them to purchase the Magic Rod.

Press the button four times (wait 2-3 seconds between each press).


You can return to the shop any time to purchase better fishing rods.

Keys & Levels

There are two keys which can be purchased to unlock the two following levels: Castle Key (5 gold ingots), Forest Key (3 diamonds).

When I opened the first level the door was quickly closed. If you don’t manage to get through the door in time then just break the door with your hands.


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