Fireworks Fireball Addon for MCPE

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This is an addon which turns the fire charges into fireworks. You can use them to build a fireworks launch platform and it’s really a must-have for anyone who want to celebrate the new year. It doesn’t sound as much as real fireworks would do but it does look beautiful, especially during the night!

How does it work?

To make use of the fire charges you will first need to built a fireworks launch platform.

There are of course many ways to build if you want to build the structure which I built then you will need the following blocks and items:

  • Dispensers
  • Activator Rails
  • Redstone Blocks
  • Rails
  • Minecart
  • Redstone
  • Fire Charges

Place a minecart on the rails and then just push it to get it driving around in a circle. Every time it passes over an activator rail it will activate a dispenser which will launch a fire charge.

Set the time to night and celebrate the new year!