Fantasy Creatures Battle Addon for MCPE

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Fantasy Creatures Battle changes the textures and behaviors for four different mobs in Minecraft. All of them are hostile and now even against themselves. Spawn some of them and watch until it’s just one man (or rather mob) standing. Imagine this: Gobling vs Demonic Warrior vs Werewolf vs Minotaur. Who are you betting on?

How does it work?

None of the mobs burn in sunlight any longer. If they are spawned next to one another they will immediately start fighting. They are stronger, faster and just as hostile as before so make sure to wear some great gear in case you plan to fight any of them.

  • Skeleton – Goblin
  • Husk – Demonic Warrior
  • Zombie – Werewolf
  • Wither Skeleton – Minotaur

You can combine any of the mobs and they will automatically start fighting with one another. In survival mode this is quite useful as some of them will rather attack other mobs than the player.

Based on my tests it’s the werewolf and warrior who appear to be the winning candindates. Perhaps you can put these two in a battle and see who of them is the champion.

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