Factorization Mod 4.7 for MCPE 0.12.3

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Compatible with MCPE: 0.12.3

A nuclear reactor has been re-created, the mechanics, interface and method of construction have been updated.
Construction: build a hollow box made of hardened blocks. The hollow portion should have a height of 3 blocks, and the width and length of the hollow portion does not exceed 3 blocks. You have to make a ceiling of controllers of uranium rods. In the middle of the assembly – the controller of the reactor. Then, you need to put the turbine of the reactor into the wall, from which the energy will come. Open an interface of the reactor and, If everything is correctly, will appear the slots.
If the structure has been damaged, then the reactor does not contain water and can quickly overheat.
Reactor uses water for operation. Water will be spent in large numbers, if the temperature is high. If the water is not able to cool the reactor, it will start to heat up. Energy is produced by water and heat, if the turbine is installed in the reactor. You can put the uranium rods in the slots of reactor that produce heat. You can put the other rods or reflectors of neutrons near the rod to increase efficiency. To lower – coolers. Inventory of reactor can only be edited until it is cold.
Graphite rods:
They control the power of the reactor and can completely stop the reaction when fully lowered. You can move the rods using the arrows on the right side of the interface. The chain reaction begins after the filling of the scale on the left. The chain reaction will be indefinitely increase the power until the reactor explodes. Stop it impossible.

REMEMBER! If you will break the reactor during operation or under high heat, he will explode weakly. If you break the reactor during a chain reaction, a nuclear explosion will happen.

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For 0.12.3