ExtendedCraft 3 V1.1 Mod for MCPE 0.12.1

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Author: DAW330073
Compatible with MCPE: 0.12.1

ExtendedCraft is a mod that adds machines, pipes, electrical energy and more to your normal Minecraft world allowing you to automate almost everything! From farming to mining large areas, manipulating items with pipes and being invincible while you wearing the powered armor. Also, there are powered tools, which are much better than regular ones. When you’re all set up, you can even go to space and land on The Moon!

*Not all features are added yet but are in the works.

ExtendedCraft has BetterStorage mod already integrated into it, so you don’t need to download BetterStorage if you have EC3.

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For 0.12.x

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Author: DAW330073 Author twitter: @DAW330073
Author site : http://daw330073.jimdo.com/ Author youtube channel: